Individual creative marble wall finishes from Plaster Motif

The Art Of Venetian Polished Plaster

Venetian 'polished plaster', as it is now commonly known, is a decorative wall finish applied uniquely by hand trowel. This marble plaster comes in an array of different colours and textures, and with varied polished sheens to complement any commercial or domestic interior. With its 17th century Italian roots, this subtly layered specialist plaster can be applied to a number of differently prepared wall backgrounds and surfaces to fit your criteria and decor theme.


Plaster Motif is keen to demonstrate to you a wide range of specialised visual effects. By using our many years of worldwide experience, we can create a sense of individuality and luxury for your wall space. Polished plaster is a very versatile material, so, whether it is being applied in a commercial reception lobby area, or just being used to spruce up the feature wall in a domestic living room, when it is put into our creative hands, we guarantee that our artistic flair will provide a lasting appearance to be proud of.