Venetian Polished Plaster Finishes

Spatulata Polished Plaster Finish


The highly effective 'Stucco Veneziano' finish demonstrates a sublime likeness to actual marble. With its stunning, high sheen finish, coupled with the intricate hand-trowelled application technique honed over many years, 'spatulata' gives any room or space the artistic flair it deserves, while its glass-like feel makes it feel as well as look like marble.

Smooth Polished Plaster Finish


Known as the original 'marmorino' plaster, this finish comes from 17th century northern Italy. It is a versatile applied plaster that over the years has been developed into more of an art deco form, giving an enhanced marbleised effect across the wall. A cloudy or blurred effect can be created from the background coats to give a touch of finesse to suit individual tastes. 'Smooth' can then be trowelled to provide either a matt effect or a more polished sheen.

Pitted Polished Plaster Finish


One of the most desirable finishes, with its natural stone-like appearance, 'pitted' has a combination of patch-worked areas of grainy openness along with the more flattened down areas, demonstrating a 60/40 ratio, to give off a highly polished limestone effect. This finish gives a very pleasant appearance and a heightened sense of luxury.

Dragged Polished Plaster Finish


With its rugged directional texture and similarity to a weathered piece of sea-lashed rock, there is no disputing the final appearance of a 'dragged' polished plaster wall in catching the eye. It only has to be semi-polished, and the wavy finish has a striking look that appeals to many.

Travertine Polished Plaster Finish


A versatile, yet elegant stone finish that can complement a wide variety of interiors. It is created using a one-way directional pull, and has a much lighter, open texture, displaying an equal separation of two tonal contrasts. 'Travertine' provides a rustic finish that can create a great sense of ambience.

Colourwash Polished Plaster Finish


To enhance the visual impact of a finish, particularly the textured ones, a transparent 'colourwash' glaze can be applied, thus creating subtle variations of tone. The 'colourwash', which can be made from a pure colour pigment, metallic compound or a pearlescent powder, enriches the surface, giving a contrasting look that enhances the appearance of the pattern. This works very well with feature walls intended to deliver a bold statement.

Custom Polished Plaster Finishes

Custom Finishes

A variety of original finishes can be created using an intricate combination of different textures and colours. Banding work, Egyptian blockwork and stencil work, categorise these specially designed custom finishes, which can be achieved by simply plastering one finish layer upon another, making up a recessed mortar joint, or the various setting out procedures undertaken in the design of a checkerboard or corporate branded vinyl logo, for example.

Plaster Motif also offer an exclusive bespoke service where we will attempt to replicate any visual finish seen or made up by you.

Polished Plaster Design Features

Design Features

With polished plaster being such a versatile material to use, it carries the benefit of being able to be applied to a variety of structures. A few examples of these include: rounded or square columns, curved feature walls, recessed panels and reception deskfronts. The visual impact of such features can provide a major focal point for the building's interior, but design features can differ greatly, so it is highly recommended that an independent consultation and site structure survey be carried out prior to the application of the polished plaster.